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The present terms and conditions will expressly regulate the relations between JAVIER MUTASSIM BUENO (hereinafter, AQUARISTOURS) and the users that interact through this website.

Users are informed that AQUARISTOURS reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at all times.

If, for any reason, the user disagrees, totally or partially, with the terms and conditions contained in this document, the user is recommended, as a last resort, to stop using this website.

AQUARISTOURS does not sell products or services through this website

This website works as a mere intermediary of travel search engine. AQUARISTOURS does not offer any of the products and services on this website, either in any mode.

The products and services that the user can find on this website are provided by the associated companies. Likewise, the associated companies are responsible for managing, making available to the user or third parties, the products and services promoted through this website. Therefore, the only ones responsible for the products and services are the associated companies. The user is informed that the contracts that may be concluded due to the use of www.aquaristours.com are exclusively between the associated company and the user or third parties authorized by the user.

AQUARISTOURS clarifies that, although different options of products or services are shown on this website, this does not imply, suggest or constitute in any way a sponsorship or approval by AQUARISTOURS of the associated companies or products and services that it commercializes.

The products and services offered on www.aquaristours.com, including their prices, are made available by the associated companies or third parties. AQUARISTOURS does not have any capacity to decide or control them. It should be noted that, since the power described in this point is not available, it is not possible to guarantee the prices shown on www.aquaristours.com are those actually offered by the associated companies or third parties authorized at the end of the reservation process.

Derived from the above in the previous paragraph, the user is advised that prices may vary from those shown at the beginning of this website. Therefore, the user is solely responsible for verifying that the final price coincides with the amount interested at the beginning. AQUARISTOURS remember that prices may vary depending on the payment of fees, service charges, luggage billing fees, etc., that may apply.

Information prior to contracting the products or services of the associated companies or final service providers

All users can view within the website, classified by categories and subcategories, all products and services offered by the associated companies. In the same way, you can perform a search of the products and services offered by the associated companies through a range of dates, and indicating, the destination city, the area or the name of the accommodation.

Subsequently, you can browse a list of results and you can consult a complete product or service sheet.

The user is informed that the reservation of products and services through this website is made directly with the partner company, acting AQUARISTOURS as mere intermediary, being the user interface.

AQUARISTOURS is not responsible for the reservation of the product or service shown on its website, since we do not have any connection with the product or service offered by the associated companies, nor in its provision, nor with the creation of the description of the same, nor when setting prices and fees.

In case of controversy with the products and services, and by accepting these terms and conditions, the user or the legitimate third party agrees to contact directly the company providing the service or product or the associated company, not with AQUARISTOURS .

Hiring system

The procedures to carry out the acquisition of products will be those shown on the screen at all times.

As specified above, the contracting of products and services through this website is done directly with the associated companies or the final service providers. AQUARISTOURS only acts as a mere intermediary, being the user interface.

To proceed with the acquisition of the products and services, the user must click on “See offer” in each product or service that he wishes. If you confirm the selected offer, you must click on « Book ». Subsequently, it will be redirected to a page where it will be necessary to enter the appropriate data to make the reservation, to, at the end, click on the “Book and pay” button.

The user is informed that, in any case, the conditions for the cancellation or not of the product, as well as the provision of the contracted services will be exclusively under the responsibility of the offeror, and that, in no case, AQUARISTOURS can respond to the controversies that may arise between the user and the offeror.

Payment System

The user is informed that the payment can be made by credit or debit card. The user can choose the payment method at the end of the purchase, and they will be subject to the following conditions:

Payment via credit card will be made through a payment gateway managed by an entity with a secure server certified according to the SSL protocol. The bank details entered are encrypted and transmitted securely to the services of the bank and, subsequently, are verified with the issuing bank to avoid possible fraud and abuse AQUARISTOURS does not have the bank details, nor those of the credit or debit card used by the user to make the purchase.


Users who hire services from airlines that respect the standards operating in the sector, both at the level of contracting services and at the passenger level, are strongly recommended. The realization of prohibited practices in the purchase of tickets can result in the airline carrying out actions such as the cancellation of the ticket, the denial of boarding and / or the revocation of the benefits that each airline can offer according to its own criteria

Taxes and other charges

In the event that there are fees, taxes or additional expenses to those shown through this website, AQUARISTOURS will not be responsible for them, nor will it assume any amount.

Limitation of Liability

AQUARISTOURS offers through this website the products and services of third parties, and is offered « as is » and « according to availability ». The content shown is generated by our associated companies or authorized third parties, without AQUARISTOURS being able to directly or indirectly influence the offer shown.

AQUARISTOURS is exempt from any responsibility and declares not to give any guarantee, explicit or implicit, of the provision of services or of the products offered by third parties or associated companies.

Customer service

If you have any questions you can write to info@aquaristours.com ou envoyer un (SMS) & Whatsapp: +34626393675

Applicable legislation. Submission to jurisdiction

These conditions will be governed by Spanish legislation, which will be applicable in the provisions of this contract regarding interpretation, validity and execution.

Information on online dispute resolution / consumer arbitration

The EU Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution on the Internet at the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr

This platform serves as a point of contact for extrajudicial resolution of disputes arising from online purchase or service contracts that involve a consumer.